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Touch of Tentacle Orgasm 2

Big Tits Office Lady Assault Edition.

A woman is being attacked by tentacles. She wakes up.... Oh, it was only a dream. Except she has goo on her breasts where the dream tentacles were.

She goes to work in her office. Various cords (phone, ethernet, extension) start acting like tentacles around her, but she doesn't see. When she gets up a coworker goes to the desk and the cords attack her, dragging her under the desk, binding her and removing her clothes. Then the tentacle penisoid shows up......

Meanwhile the others in the office are oblivious. When they finally do notice her, the penisoid disapeared and she is simply naked under the desk covered with cords.
They take the hysterical girl into a conference room and leave her. She hears an otherworldly voice, and the cords attack again pinning her to the table.....

At the end of the day the original girl is leaving the office with another girl talking about the girl who went crazy. The other girl forgot something and goes back into the dark office. She also hears the otherworldly sounds and the tentacles leap from the darkness and grab her. It even makes a fake call from her cell phone telling the other girl to go ahead and go without her.

On the way home she stops at a convenience store. As she is reading at the magazine rack a tentacle slithers up her leg. She casts it off and runs panicked to the clerk, who seems in a daze until he turns into a tentacle monster (still wearing the cashier shirt), and rips her clothes off.....

She eventually gets free and runs home, only to be attacked again.....
After much more assaulting, she wakes up..... It was only a dream again??

She goes to the office, but in a meeting everyone turns into a tentacle monster.....

Standard digital genital censoring. This copy has a few digital glitches.


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